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The seed for Munster Music Digital Academy was planted in a vegan cafe in Ubud, Bali in January 2020. Tara-Lee sat cross-legged on a hemp yoga cushion sipping a fresh coconut flailing her arms mimicking different bow speeds in teaching Bach to Max, her 11-year old grade 3 cello student online at his home in Ireland. She observed with great curiosity and delight as Max explored her suggestions gaining clarity and confidence bow per bow, note by note. Light-bulb moment = Music lessons can be taught successfully without being in the same room as the student.

Two months later, the global pandemic shifted everyone to online learning including all our students and teachers in Killaloe. Fast forward fifteen months and 3,800 Zoom music lessons, we have fine-tuned and adapted our music lessons to be effectively and efficiently delivered online. Our passionate teachers and enthusiastic students have grown musically and technologically side-by-side, lesson-by-lesson. As educators we have expanded our teaching skillset, deepened our awareness of 'how it feels for the student', explored and developed new online teaching approaches, and integrated our new practises providing a truly holisitic online learning experience for students of all ages, abilities, and aspirations. 

We are delighted to introduce the innovative and dynamic Munster Music Digital Academy. You can live in Tipperary, Taiwan or Turkey and learn online with our international team of dedicated, sensitive, and highly experienced teachers from the comfort of your own home. Our teachers are geographically based in Ireland, Hungary, and Australia and can teach in English, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, and Italian. 

Applications open at the end of August for digital classes starting in September. Subscribe above to be the first to know when we open our digital doors.

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Amélie loves her online lessons with Judit. It works for us. To have such a excellent teacher, teaching in the way she does, it’s a privilege to be able to have this wonderful teaching online  

Gillian Murphy

Online learning is definitely more challenging as it requires you to be a lot more organised and independent. I truly loved it because I learned so many valuable Musical and technological SKILLS

Aobha McAlea

Online lessons are great in terms of accessibility and flexibility. I think there are great aspects to online learning such as being able to whatsapp scores and pictures. There is also a sense of the teacher coming into your space so you can share things that would not normally come up in a face-to-face lesson (ie. one time our elderly neighbour came into the back garden for a chat and was delighted to see a music lesson going on!) 

Sadhbh O'Dwyer

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